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    Summer Camp

S U M M E R  C A M P

We offer two different summer camps: School-age & Preschool/Pre-K Summer Camp.


Preschool and Pre-K Summer Camp

Our Preschool/Pre-K summer camp is designed for kids 2.5- 6 (entering kindergarten in fall). We offer small group sizes and model it similar to a preschool day but with fun and exciting felid trips each week and engaging summer activities  All children enrolled will attend the EUMC Vacation Bible School for one week in July. 


Our preschool friends embark on some fun and developmentally appropriate adventures and field trips such as local beaches, parks, Edmonds spray park, attending the wenatchee youth circus when they come to town, children's museum, and more! 

School-age Summer Camp

Our School-age Summer Camp is for children who have completed Kindergarten through age 11. We offer small group sizes and an awesome range of enriching activities, exciting and educational field trips, excursions and special events in a secure and positive environment with professional, educated and dedicated staff. All children attend the EUMC Vacation Bible School for one week in July.  


Our field trips are fun, energetic and educational – designed to keep children inspired to learn about our world, to dream and grow as individuals and as citizens. Our trips often correlate to the weekly camp theme and we visit places like the beach, NW Stream Center, Elevated Sportz, Jetty Island, Burke Museum, local farms, Naturalist-guided walks, MOHAI, Kangaroo farm, Imagine! Children’s Museum and outdoor theatrical and musical performances, and much, much more! We also plan daily activities that keep children active like swimming, skating, golfing, bowling, hiking, biking and playing team sports and games.


It is important that children keep up with reading and other skills during the summer so we encourage children and dedicate time for daily reading, skill work and incorporate trips to the library, read-a-thons, math challenges, science experiments and other activities to keep learning fun!


Of course, it is also important that children have time to relax and play with their friends, do arts and crafts, cooking, games and play outside in sand and water, pretend, and spend time just having fun with friends while enjoying BBQ’s, sprinklers and picnics! It’s SUMMER!

Our summer camp is designed to provide daily adventures and exploration all summer long while building friendships and special memories that will last a lifetime!  

Just another day feeding a Llama

Making pizza at a local pizzeria! 

Ferry Ride to Kingston!

Nature Exploration!